Hormones, fertility.

“I’ve been seeing Christy for 4 years. She started seeing me the month after I had my third miscarriage. I had given up on getting pregnant and went to her to just get in better health and handle my hormonal issues. Within two months after she did a basic detox with me and gave me a supplement program to nourish my uterus I was pregnant and I never miscarried. She helped me through my pregnancy and afterward. She now see’s my husband, brother and my mother. All I can really say is I am so glad you didn’t let me give up.” I.L.

“My Wife and I were trying to have a baby for some time. we got in contact with Kevin through a friend. He provided us both with customized food plans and a nutritional supplement program to aid our goal of starting a family. My Wife was pregnant within a month of us starting our plans. We have kept to Kevin’s easy to follow plans and are both much healthier and happier for it” M.E

“As I hit forty I was suffering from the symptoms and body type of low T. Kevin showed me how to increase my testosterone naturally with diet and whole food supplements. He’s got me feeling like an 18 year old - I’m as strong and vibrant as I have ever been!” B.M


skin, acne.

“My daughter had the worst acne you’ve ever seen (not to be mean, but it was). I brought her in to see Christy after my brother told me she had handled his adult acne with a very simple food regimen and some supplements. We got several foods out of Mimi’s diet and had her start taking vitamins. It started clearing up after the first week and after the second week was almost totally gone. I wish I hadn’t spent so much money on acne creams before coming to see you!” M.L. 

“I have had problems with acne since my early teens. Christy put me on a basic supplement program and Kevin provided a comprehensive Healing Food Plan that boosted my bodies ability to heal and get in balance. I’m amazed at the results and so happy to not need any medication to control the condition of my skin. I cannot recommend you guys enough!” J.G

Chronic pain, inflammation


Thyroid, chronic fatigue.





Digestion, anxiety,



Weight loss.

“I have always eaten healthy and exercised but I had this chronic pain in my arms that would not go away unless I took Motrin. After Christy saw me she put me on a vitamin & food program to handle my circulation and what appeared to be chronic inflammation. My arm pain that none of the 3 doctors I saw could get rid of is now gone. I’m not even sure how it works, all I know is it’s better and I’m so grateful my sister recommended you.” C.F. 

“I’ve was diagnosed with hypothyroid a year ago and my best friend suggested I see Christy before I do anything else. She put me on a supplement program to help my thyroid as well as my chronic fatigue. I started to have enough energy to actually exercise and she gave me a list of foods to stay away from that allowed me to drop some weight. I went back for a blood test four months later and my doctor told me my levels were all in normal range, he then promptly asked for Christy’s card.” T.E.

“I’ve had chronic migraines since I was a teenager. After two weeks on this supplement program and food regimen they were cut in half, after a month they are now completely gone. Thank you so much.” –M.R.

“You are so much fun! I came in to see Christy when I was in a bad place about my anxiety and had tried several drugs to handle it. I also had terrible digestion issues and came to her predominantly for that. Christy handled my digestion and lightly suggested we try some minerals for my anxiety. These supplements worked better on me than any drug I’ve used previously. I had more energy and less anxiety, it felt totally natural instead of like speed with the drugs. My body feels great, my digestion is great, my energy is great, you are great!” S.L.

“What a life saver Kevin is. His knowledge of stomach health and ability to heal have changed my world. I was in such a mess that I could barely keep anything I ate down. Kevin wrote me a Stomach Healing Food Plan and gave me a thorough education on why I was struggling and how it could be fixed. Within a week there was a dramatic difference and now I am able to enjoy Life to the fullest. The best part is I really didn’t have to restrict what I was eating too much. Thank you for making me feel like me again!” A.L

“Christy is very knowledgeable and explains everything in plain English so you understand what can be done with basic food adjustments. I’ve never had anyone in the health care field be able to do that with me and it is a huge help when you are handling something as difficult as weight loss. I lost 4 pounds my first week with her and have continued to drop 2 pounds each week since. I’m never going on a “diet” again.” S.B. 

“I’m feeling so much better since I started working with Kevin and Christy. I’m hitting my weight loss goals and I’m having a lot of fun with it. The best part is I no longer crash in the afternoons and I am sleeping like never before. I also have a ton of energy. Thanks so much for your nutritional advice and healing food plan.” I.A